Art is medicine, and beauty heals.

Creating space from a perspective of healing is a concept that came to me as I listened to my customers. When I originally created Four Winds Gallery in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2006, little did I realize where it would lead me. Customers would come it and just want to stay in the atmosphere I created with the color scheme, artwork and sculptures. The “healing” vibration could be felt in the space. It calmed their senses and they came back again and again. I never forgot this. Many years at each and every show I attended, the customers would come into my space and ask, “it feels so good in here, can I just stay for a few moments and take it in?”  or “your booth feels like an oasis in the chaos of this huge trade show, do you mind if I just hang out here for a few minutes and take a breath?” Comments like this would go on all day, every day and my mother was a witness to this constantly to the point where she would just look at me and smile each time she was with me and it occurred.

I have been asked a few times over the years to create interiors with this same energy and vibration for healing centers, yoga studios and health practitioners. Creating the business branding, website and then following it through to the environment has been the most fulfilling work for me. It creates a professional, consistent visual brand for the clients workplace that is healing and inviting. Choosing the correct color scheme, artwork and/or photography for an office or hotel room can calm all who enter and create an opening for positive human interactions bringing some peace into an over chaotic world.

If your space needs a makeover, or your decor needs and upgrade, or your business branding needs to uplevel from where you currently are, why not bring a sense of peace with unique, healing art and sculptures by Rosanne Romiglio? This creative visionary brings thirty+ years of branding expertise to the table as well as her unique mixed blood, native spiritual ancestry, you will be awed by what she can envision for you.


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